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Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Challenging addiction treatment: The intersection of policy, practice & science
At #2 on our list, Anjali Talcherkar’s op-ed suggests the need for complementary and alternative solutions to addiction. Ms. Talcherkar is a researcher, clinician, and person in recovery. She wrote this op-ed while completing the Division on Addiction’s Summer Research Mentorship program.

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Angie’s Prophecy
Angie’s Prophecy

Her name was Angie, we met in rehab in 2008, and I was awestruck by the tattoo below her belly button that read, “The Best Is Yet to Come.” Our backgrounds were similar; both daughters of physicians drifting through life–the hard way–with no distinct direction, just a whimsical spiral into the depths of addiction.

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